arts therapy

What is arts therapy?

Arts Therapy, also known as Creative/Expressive Art Therapy offers a fresh way of making sense of life experiences. It is a creative and expressive approach to assist in emotional and physical well-being and growth. Creativity helps to express feelings and emotions and process ‘stuff’ that we sometimes just can’t find the words for.

I will provide a safe, supportive space to companion you at your pace. A space of curiosity and non-judgement. You can choose to explore all types of creative arts materials and forms to express yourself, including visual arts materials – paint, pastels, collage, drawing. Sensorimotor materials – clay, textiles, sandplay, nature, music, movement and more. Tell me what interests you.

Skill and experience in art making is certainly not required to successfully engage in Arts Therapy. The way the artwork looks is not important. Trusting the process of being creative and seeing value in expressing what we hold inside our bodies provides self-awareness, relief and growth. I often like to use the words ‘Creative Growth’ and ‘Support’ rather than ‘Therapy’.

One on One, NDIS, Online and Group sessions available.

art therapy

What can art therapy help with?

Arts Therapy is for Every Body. It is designed for kids, adults and elders. It is a gentle, supportive and powerful way for a person to express themselves, process trauma, build self worth and confidence and find a ‘voice’. It can help problem solve, find ways to manage stress, discover new pathways and generally improve overall well-being.

People have chosen arts and creative based counselling to explore issues such as anxiety, autism, depression, PTSD, trauma, grief and loss, worrying thoughts, identity and social difficulties.

It is important to mention being curious and creative with all forms of the arts can  simply be a lovely way to have time out from a busy school and /or work schedule.

To rest, breathe, relax and connect with self and others in a supportive, nurturing space can be a way to relax, have fun, focus on your well being and ‘just be’.

“My Values are
• Genuineness • Integrity • Curiosity • Care”

Fiona McGrath

Fiona McGrath
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“The participant is an expert in their own knowing and a companion does not interpret but seeks to understand”

Warren Lett, 2011

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We respect, create and learn on traditional Boon Wurrung / Bunurong land. Every Body is welcome and respected.

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